Four New Eye Makeup Tricks That Help make your Eyes Appear Big

Four New Eye Makeup Tricks That Help make your Eyes Appear Big

The newest eye makeup tricks talked about here make your eyes seem to be beautiful and bigger. Girls must find out these fashionable eye makeup techniques. These eye makeup methods are effective, quick, and easy for helping your eyes alluring.


The contour and crease method of eye makeup uses the consequences of the dark as well as the lighting. The major areas of the eyelids needs light eyeshadow. Just a bit of dark color must be seen on the outermost sides of the eyes of yours.

~ Apply light colored, matte eyeshadow matching the skin tone of yours on the upper eyelid of yours. This matte shadow is definitely the standard eyeshadow. The darker color must be utilized on the crease and should be blended well.

~ In order to find the crease, near the eyes of yours and also touch the eyelid of yours to discover the deep hollow indent on the upper of your respective eyelid. This hollow indent on the eyelid is the crease. The deep color will be used to determine the crease.

~ Dark color must be used on the crease when the eyes are opened. Overall, the shading on the crease of yours won’t appear prominently.

~ Crease and also contour eye makeup tricks help make your eyes seem to be attractive and bigger.

~ Start lining the upper eyelid of yours, really near the lash line close to the roots with a black eyeliner pencil.

~ Smudge the outside one third part of eyeliner pigment on top of the lash line further up and outwards

~ Next, do the black colored eye pencil to line/ shade the best crease from the outside corner of upper eyelid towards inner corner upwards, only till one third, ending very much away from the nose of yours.

~ Smudge and blend it one third length, top crease line utilizing an eyeshadow sponge applicator brush. Blend this particular crease line outward & upward.

~ When combined correctly, the dark, smudged, contoured, top eyelid area would be like a little, sideway ” > “.

~ Similarly, line the lower lash line with the black eyeliner pencil till halfway just and stopping from the nose. Today, smudge the lower line with the sponge applicator outward and downward. Eyes will appear wide open as well as bigger in dimension.

~ The hint of a bit of black will make the eyes seem to be brighter. Correct smudging and blending are needed for good creasing and contouring.

~ Adding dimension and depth to the exterior ” > ” of the eyes of yours will make them seem to be larger. This’s among the very best eye makeup tricks.


For a far more subtle plus organic appearance, the dotted bottom eye liner method is used. This method also makes your eyes seem to be larger. This method consists of the breaking apart of your bottom eye liner line.

Looking at the shape and size of the eyes of yours, you have to bring 4 to 7 dots with a gentle eye pencil, below your lower lashline. Stay away from drawing dots really close to the inner sides of the eyes of yours. Draw the dots gently with your eye pencil.

Wear heavy mascara and eyeliner to enhance the bottom eyeliner look.


You are able to use eyeliner pencils just for the latest ombre effect. This’s in addition among probably the most recent eye makeup tricks.

~ For this particular gradient eyeliner effect, choose three eyeliner styles from exactly the same color family- a light, a moderate, and also a deep color.

~ Line your lower or upper lash-line using these three eyeliner pencils.

~ When you’re lining your top lash line, make use of the light shade of eyeliner pencil to line just one third length, starting from inner space towards outer. Next quit.

~ Now, without any gaps, continue drawing the line together with the moderate color eyeliner till one third in the center.

~ Similarly, proceed and also complete drawing the conclusion one third line with probably the darkest shade of eyeliner pencil and extend the wing a bit of outside and upward.

~ With a gentle eye brush, utilizing a gentle stroke, carefully brush the three shade horizontal line one time for blending. Don’t over blend to develop one color line. The gradient eyeliner effect must be apparent.

Gradient Color Ideas for Choosing Eyeliner Pencils:-

From Blue color family, you are able to use icy blue [light], turquoise blue [medium] and darkest teal blue [dark].

In case you’re utilizing shades from black family, you are able to select light gray, medium gray and black.


White Eyeliner is utilized to create the eyes brighter and larger. This’s among the most prominent eye makeup tricks. You need to keep your lower eye lid down with the finger of yours, and also put on white colored eyeliner on the waterline, to line the inner rim of the eye. Waterlining the eyes with cream eye liner makes them appear huge.

Then, bring a little inner ” <” shape with the white eyeliner, on skin of the inner corner of both eyes, near the nose or even tear duct area and also smudge it together with your finger to blend well. This highlighting eye makeup technique is going to brighten the inner sides of your eyes to help make them seem to be larger.

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